Annaba - Algeria

Annaba is located in the north-eastern corner of Algeria, on the Mediterranean Sea, and near the river Wadi Seybouse. Known by various names over the centuries- Hippo Regius, Hippone, Annabe, Bone and now Annaba, it is the centre of one of Algeria's most fertile regions. It became very popular among French colonialists and this is reflected in the city layout. The green main street, now called Cours de la Rêvolution has a vibrant afternoon and early evening life and the skyline to the south is strongly dominated by the basilica of St. Augustine. Annaba has a large number of monuments from different epochs, most of them being Christian, Muslim and Roman structures. Annaba, which was called Hippo Regius during Roman times, was probably established by the Phoenicians in the 12th century BC.It was a centre of early Christianity, with the Council of Hippo, established here in 393. Augustine was bishop here from 396 until 430. Make sure you explore the site of Hippo Regius, the largest and oldest Roman Forum in North Africa and the baths dedicated to Septimius Severus.