Brodick (Arran) - UK, Scotland

Brodick lies on a beautiful sandy bay on the east coast of the Isle of Arran, in western Scotland, in the Firth of Clyde. The island is mountainous, and has an area of about 433 sq km (169 sq miles) reaches 874 m (2,866 ft) high and Brodick rests at the foot of highest, Goat Fell, along with 16th century red-sandstone Brodick Castle. This stark fortification contains a priceless collection of furniture, porcelain and paintings. In the north of the island the 17th century ruins of Lochranza Castle were once a royal hunting lodge and an earlier castle on the same site is believed to be where Robert Bruce stayed on his arrival from Ireland in 1306. The island also is noted for the wild and rugged breakers of the northern shore, beautiful glens and picturesque waterfalls. At Blackwaterfoot on the west coast there are standing stones and King's Cave in which the liberator of Scotland, Robert Bruce, is believed to have taken refuge from the English in 1307.