Fugloy - Faroe Islands

Fugloy is one of the 18 islands in the Faroe Islands. It is located in the group of islands in the north-east corner of the Faroes. The name Fugloy means bird island, and refers to the large number of birds that nest on the island's cliffs. The island is rich in sea and land birds, specifically puffins which inhabit the island in hundreds of thousands. Black Guillemots are also present in great numbers. There are two settlements that you may visit: Kirkja on the south-coast and HattarvĂ­k on the east-coast. The Eystfelli cliffs, which are 448m are located on the east coast. Nearby on the 47 meter high sea stack Stapin there is also a lighthouse, a natural arch feature and what looks like the outline of an Egyptian Pharaoh (the Pharaoh's Face).