Varna - Bulgaria

Located on the vast bay of the Black Sea at the mouth of the Provadiya River, Varna has prospered under the 'glasnost' reforms and today is a modern town of wide boulevards, parks and gardens. Visit the Cathedral and the Folk Museum, Stone Forest, Aladja Monastery, the Roman Thermae - the remains of the Roman Baths. Within a few miles of Varna are the renowned resorts of the Bulgarian littoral, already favored by the Romans for relaxation and rejuvenation. Today these beaches still seduce with their fine sands and limpid waters. Nearby hot springs and mud baths complete the health-promoting effects of sea air and warm, reliable sun. With a long and fascinating history stretching back to 6th century BC, Varna was known in the days of the ancient Greeks as Odessos and was one of the most important port cities of the Black Sea. Romans, Turks, Cossacks and Crusaders all fought over this fertile region with its important trade links to the east. The Russians captured Varna in 1828 during the war for the liberation of Greece, but when they left, the town reverted to the Turks. It was liberated from the Turks in 1878 and ceded to Bulgaria by the treaty of Berlin. The following 2 cruises call at Varna. Please note that these are vacation departure dates and not necessarily sailing dates. Discover more by clicking the cruise name or ship or click the Enquire button if you want to check availability and pricing.