Veliko Tarnovo - Bulgaria

Veliko Tarnovo, is one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria dating back to 400B.C. Located in north central Bulgaria, the city formed a natural fortress, located on three hills surrounding the Yantra River. A palace, fortifications and churches were built into the terrain. Across the river, ancient stone houses seemingly perched on top of each other rise up the steep riverbank. On Tsarevets Hill see the old fortress walls, royal palaces and patriarchal church. The town has several good museums including the State Art Museum and Archaeological Museum that houses artefacts from Neolithic, Roman and medieval times. There are plenty of churches to visit too! Tsarevets Fortress was built and rebuilt many times by Romans, Byzantines slavs and Bulgars. The remains of over 400 houses, 18 churches, monasteries and gates have been discovered here. Veliko Tarnovo was the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom from 1187 to1393 and large architectural monuments were created and the Schools of Literature and Arts were established. There are more than 30 cruises calling at this port. Click the month or cruise line logo you are interested in to see details of the cruises.