Kapit - Malaysia

Kapit, the last major administrative post on the Rajang River dates from the days of the White Rajahs. The Teresang Market, full of intriguing fresh jungle products and a fascinating mixture of people is well worth a visit. Sights worth visiting include the Chinese temple, Fort Silvia (originally known as Kapit Fort) and Kapit Museum, a handicraft and tattoo museum . Fort Silvia was built in 1880 by Rajah Charles Brooke to prevent the Iban from moving upriver and fighting with the Orang Ulu. In 1924 a peacekeeping ceremony between the infighting tribes (Iban, Kayan, Kenyah and Kajang) was held here. You can also visit one of the few survining original timber built longhouses to participate in the ceremonial miring or welcome ceremony.