Vilkovo - Ukraine

Vilkovo, the Ukrainian Venice, is the last town on the banks of Danube, where it flows into the Black Sea. Vilkovo has picturesque canals narrowboats which are the main means of transportation in Vilkovo. Vilkovo is also an administrative centre of Ukrainian Danube biosphere reserve which is included to the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are three churches in Vilkovo, two of them are named after St. Nicholas, the protector of sailors and one of them is built in the form of a ship. The town was founded in 1746 by Raskolniks that escaped the persecution of reformed Orthodox church and by Cossacks from Don and refugees from Russian Empire that didn't want to serve Moscow Tsar. These people of different religious confessions dug the canals and built houses on mounds from the ground of these canals protecting the houses from floods and outsiders.