Jacksonville - USA, Florida

Jacksonville, in the north of Florida, is a major port on the Atlantic and the biggest city in the state. Places of interest include the Jacksonville Museum of Science and History, known for its exhibits on the archaeology of Florida's Native Americans, and the Jacksonville Art Museum. Also located in the city are Nature parks and a sports complex containing the Coliseum, Wolfson Park, and the Gator Bowl. The first white settlement in the area of modern Jacksonville was established by French Huguenots in 1564. Fort Caroline, which they built on a bluff above the St Johns River, was destroyed in 1565 by troops from the Spanish settlement of St Augustine. The English took control of the area in the late 18th century. The site of the present city was settled again in 1816, and in 1822 a community was planned and named after Andrew Jackson, the first territorial governor of Florida and later United States president. There are more than 30 cruises calling at this port. Click the month or cruise line logo you are interested in to see details of the cruises.