Wrangell - USA, Alaska

Nestled on an island at the mouth of the mighty Stikine River on the south coast of the Alaskan peninsular, Wrangell offers visitors a taste of an Alaskan frontier community. Experience native Alaska as you walk among ancient petroglyphs on the beach north of the ferry terminal or see them in the Wrangell Museum. Visit Chief Shakes Tribal House, Totem Park, the local Sawmill and the Wrangell Museum for a glimpse into the Tlingit way of life. Adventurous travellers may try jet-boat excursions on the Stikine River. The Russians founded the town when they arrived in 1834 and built a stockade they called Redoubt St. Dionysius. The town's purpose then was to prevent encroachment by the Hudson's Bay traders working their way down the Stikine River. But in 1840, the Russians leased it to the British who renamed the town Fort Stikine. The Americans gained control of the centre when they purchased Alaska, and in 1868 changed the name to Fort Wrangell. Wrangell thrived as an important supply centre for fur traders and later for gold miners, who used the Stikin River to reach gold rushes in both British Columbia and the Klondike fields in the Yukon. There are more than 30 cruises calling at this port. Click the month or cruise line logo you are interested in to see details of the cruises.