Gambell - USA, Alaska

The town of Gambell is located on the western side of St Lawrence Island, off the west coast of Alaska just south of the Bering Strait. It is 39 miles northwest of Savoonga (with whom they jointly own the Island). This small community features old wooden houses side-by-side with modern buildings and locally made, native crafts available for purchase. On the south side of St. Lawrence, in Boxer Bay, the Yupik have established fishing and hunting camps. Her you may walk on the tundra and find whalebones, fish-drying racks, circular depressions that served as food-storage caches, and walrus-skin boats that the natives use for hunting and transportation. St. Lawrence has been inhabited intermittently for the past 2,000 years by both Alaskan and Siberian Yup'ik Eskimos. The island had numerous villages with a total population of around 4,000 by the 19th century.