Andriake - Turkey

The ruins of Andriake can be visited from the little port of Çayagzi on the Turquoise coast of south western Turkey. Çayagzi is a working fishing port and has a small beach. Andriake was the port of the ancient city of Myra. Located at the mouth of the Andriako river it had an important role in the shipping trade of the Roman Empire. St.Paul changed ship here on his way to Rome. At the entrance of the town is the water channel and a nympheum belonging to the Roman period. Next is the agora named Plakoma and to its west the Granarium Hadriani (grain depot) comprising 7 rooms. One containing a portrait of the emperor Hadrian and his wife Sabina You will also find ship shelters and ruins of houses on the small mound in front of the agora. In the north port, there is a watch tower, Lycian tombs and two Byzantine church ruins.