Amasra - Turkey

Amasra lies on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, west of Sinop. The town occupies a headland with a stone bridge linking it to the island of Boztepe. It has two harbours and two castles. One is in the new town area where you will still find cobbled strrets and Byzantine gateway. The other fortifications are on Boztepe where you will find an inner citadel of towers, walls and gates. In the maze of allleys are two Byzantine churches - one is now a mosque. In the town there is a good museum with Roman artefacts. Inland from here is Safranbolu, with its wooden Ottoman mansions set in a steep gorge. Originally Sesamus in Homer's Iliad, Amasra was colonised by Miletus in the 6th century BC and saw rule from Romans, Byzantines, Genoese and Ottomans.