Port Sudan - Sudan

Port Sudan is a harbour city, established by the British in 1905 as a seaport. Once a thriving export centre handling the country's raw commodities such as sesame, cotton and sorghum, it has now fallen into decay as a result of the ongoing war. Today's city is badly in need of care and repair, although it is still possible to see beautiful lattice woodwork on the window-screens of older buildings, which provide a glimpse into the city's more prestigious past. Things are improving and you can even find a Hilton Hotel in Port Sudan. For visitors interested in Red Sea diving, this is still quite a good place to use as a base. In the Red Sea beyond the harbour lie coral reefs and some of the richest marine life in the world including Wingate Reef which boasts the wreck of Italian WWII freighter The Umbria, probably one of the most famous and certainly the most beautiful shipwrecks in the world.