Tekija - Serbia

Tekija in eastern Serbia is located at the entrance the Djerdap gorge - the famous Iron Gate - the grandiose gateway through the southern slopes of the Carpathian mountains. It is a stretch of the River Danube 100 km long and is part of the Djerdap National Park. Two lakes, the Djerdap and the Srebreno are the pearls of the Danube. The area is dotted with many cultural heritage sites: Lepenski Vir Museum, the 8,000-year-old archaeological site with exceptionally important traces of a 59-house settlement and numerous stone sculptures representing human heads that in fishermen's lore had gained some fish-like characteristics - round, full lips and bulging eyes; the Golubac fortress, the Kladovo fortress and the remains of a Roman fortress at Hajducka Vodenica Cove in Kazan Canyon.