Arbatax - Sardinia, Italy

Arbatax is a small ferry port in the centre of Sardinia's eastern coast, an area of red cliffs and dramatic coastal scenery. It serves the nearby provincial centre of Tortoli. There is little of interest in either town but the small beach here is famous for its red rocks yet there are better beaches to the south at Lido Orri. However, from Arbatax you can visit the last truly untouched areas on the island - full of caves and Nuraghi, majestic mountain landscapes and largely uninhabited. Go inland to the sprawling mountain town of Arzana or to Ulassai to visit the caves at La Grotta si Su Marmuri. In the area to the nort around Dogali there is the Nuragic village of Serra Orrios, the Tomb of the Giants of S'ena'e Thomes and the chasm of Ispingoli.