Wrangel Island - Russia, East

Rugged and remote Wrangel Island Zapovednik lies in the Chukchi Sea, northwest of the Bering Strait and is surrounded by incredibly thick ice for much of the year. A protected reserve since 1974, Wrangel Island is well known throughout the world for its fabulous wildlife. It is home to the Arctic's largest winter population of denning polar bears and in the summer has a greater concentration of walrus than anywhere else in the world. Musk ox and reindeer both thrive on the island and there are huge numbers of tundra geese. This is also where a recordbreaking tooth was found, in 1992, belonging to a mammoth that walked the Wrangel tundra just 3,600 years ago - one of the last known surviving mammoths on the planet. There is a Russian science base here and only one village on the southern coast, Ushakovskoye. The winters are long and dark and the sun does not appear from November 22 to January 22. Snow blankets the landscape for 240 days of the year. Yet in the spring, tens of thousands of birds arrive to nest on the jagged cliffs, walruses gather on narrow spits to give birth, and female polar bears emerge from their dens with newborn cubs. In the summer, the tundra bursts into life, flowers colour the landscape, and rivers run wild in the lush valleys. Wrangel Island and nearby Herald Island are the only land habitats for wildlife in the Chukchi Sea. The following 1 cruises call at Wrangel Island. Discover more by clicking the cruise name or ship or click the Enquire button if you want to check availability and pricing.