Vilamoura - Portugal

Vilamoura is the name given to an area rather than to any actual town. It is located just 15 minutes drive from Faro airport. Covering some 20 km² of land, it is one of Europes largest tourist beach resorts. Almost every kind of sport and entertainment are on offer, including six golf courses, sports clubs, a shooting range, night clubs, a casino and numerous restaurants and vibrant bars. Most of the restaurants and bars can be found on and near the large marina. For the avid historians there is Cerro da Vila, a preserved Roman Site and Museum providing an insight to the area's past. Originally a Roman fishing town the ruins include baths in which the mariners used to bathe. The Vilamoura area has been inhabited for thousands of years - as revealed by Bronze Age graves discovered in the Casão vineyard - the Romans were the first to settle at Cerro da Vila, as from the 1st century AD. Late-Roman, Visigoth and Moorish colonies were also established here and each period has left unmistakable traces of distinct civilisations at the site.