Tolkmicko - Poland

Tolkmicko (Tolkemit) is a town in northern Poland, on the Vistula Lagoon, about 20 km northeast of Elblag, where the Vistula River enters the Baltic Sea. It is located in Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. First settled by Slavic Prussian tribes, it was part of Prussia in 1296 and was ruled by the Teutonic Knights. In 1440 it became part of the Prussian Confederation and in 1466, the town became part of the autonomous Polish Prussia, but was formally absorbed into Poland proper in 1572. Two large Fires, in 1634, 1694 and 1767, partially destroyed the town and the outbreak of the plague in 1710 halved the number of residents. During the first partition of Poland in 1772, the region passed to the Kingdom of Prussia and remained part of East Prussia until 1945.