Gamboa - Panama

Gamboa lies in the midst of the lush Panamanian rainforest on Lake Gatunl. It is sited on the course of the Panama Canal, at the north end of the Gaillard Cut. Here you can visit the Gamboa Rain Forest Resort. Surrounded by a unique tropical ecosystem, this 340-acre resort is part of Panama's 55,000-acre Soberania National Park, located midway between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It is a spectacular place, with lush grounds that are home to beautiful tropical foliage and fascinating birds and wildlife. You can board an aerial tram that carries you to an observation tower to view the Chagres River valley and the point at which the river enters the Panama Canal. The tram is almost completely silent, enabling visitors to catch sight of birds and animals along the route who are undisturbed by excessive noise. Alternatively you can take a wildlife watching expedition on Lake GatĂșn and the Panama Canal.