Tulln - Austria

Tulln is a town in Lower Austria on the River Danube. Because of its abundance of parks and other green spaces, Tulln is often referred to as Blumenstadt, meaning "city of flowers". According to legend, it was here that Attila the Hun saw Gudrun and proposed to her. A fountain, the Nibelungen-Brunnen ("the Nibelungen Fountain") was dedicated to this event in 2005. The famous Austrian painter Egon Schiele was born in Tulln, and a museum is dedicated to him. Other important sights include a convent (Minoritenkloster), several churches, and a 4th century Roman tower. You can also reach Vienna from here. Tulln is one of the oldest towns in Austria. Although it was settled in pre-Roman times, it gained importance as the Roman fort of Comagena . In the final years of Roman rule, Saint Severinus is said to have visited the city, saving it from the Barbarians. It gained importance as a residence to the Babenberg Margraves, fading as Vienna eventually grew. The following 2 cruises call at Tulln. Please note that these are vacation departure dates and not necessarily sailing dates. Discover more by clicking the cruise name or ship or click the Enquire button if you want to check availability and pricing.