Jackson Bay - New Zealand

Jackson Bay is a gently curving bay 24 km wide, located on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island. It faces the Tasman Sea to the north, and is backed by the Southern Alps. The small Open Bay Islands lie five km off the coast. Here you can visit the South Westland World Heritage Visitor Centre or explore the local rivers and estuaries by jetboat. The bay marks the furthest extent of the West Coast's road network. The small road which meanders along the coast from Haast terminates at the sleepy fishing village of Jackson Bay, close to Jackson Head. This was the site of the landing of the early settlers of the area, and is close to the mouth of the Arawhata River. The third river to enter the Tasman along this stretch of coast is the Waiatoto River, which enters the bay 10 km to the east of Jackson Head.