Thein Gone - Myanmar (Burma)

Thein Gone, situated just 10km south of Pakokku on the Irrawaddy River, is a charming rural village with one hundred and twenty five households. The village was established just 50 years ago on the fertile river plain close to the great river. Everyone in the village is a farmer and the main crops are corn, peanuts, tobacco and small areas of paddy. Guava trees abound and are planted round the simple wood and thatch houses. There is no government healthcare or economic support yet the people are hard-working and in good health. There is virtually no crime and doors, where there are doors, do not lock. Thein Gone is a typical river community in which all people are cared for within the community. There is a pleasant Buddhist monastery with 5 monks and over 25 monastery boys, borders from the outlying areas receiving free education and care from the monks. In addition there is a state-run village school with 4 teachers, but they commute from nearby Pakokku. The Thein Gone people are very friendly and welcoming - they do not ask for anything.