Kenitra - Morocco

Kenitra lies on the Sebour River near the Atlantic Ocean on the route between Rabat and Tangier. It was established in 1912 by Marshal Louis Hubert Gonzalve Lyauteyin, Morocco's first French resident general, as a military fort to replace Larache which had been incorporated into the Spanish zone. The French built a new town and an artificial harbour and renamed the town Port-Lyautey. After independence in 1956 the port was renamed Kenitra. Today the city is still an important naval base and major port. From here you can visit Fez, oldest of the Imperial Cities, renowned for its spiritual and educational contribution to Moroccan culture. Visit the thousand-year-old medina, the medersas (Islamic schools), the Karaouyine Mosque with its distinctive green-tiled roof and the Nejjarine Fountain. Explore the souks (markets) where craftsmen continue to labour as they have for centuries and climb the Ramparts, for splendid views over the old Medina. You can also visit Volubilis, an ancient Roman capital, famed for its extensive ruins, public baths, Triumphal Arch and superb tile mosaics and the holy city of Moulay Idriss, the most important Islamic city in Morocco.