Possession Island - Qld - Australia

Possession Island is one of Australia's most historically important places. The three-mile long by one-mile wide island marks the eastern entrance to Endeavour Strait. It lies close to the Australian mainland, just eight miles west of Cape York (the northernmost tip of the Australian continent). The island is fairly rugged in terrain, fringed by coral reefs and with a superb, sheltered sandy beach on its NW corner. The island is called Bedanug by the local Kaurareg aboriginal people. It was offshore from here in late 1770 that Lt. James Cook anchored his Bark "Endeavour". On Wednesday 22 August he landed with Joseph Banks, several officers, marines and seamen, and in a last but symbolic act before quitting our waters he took possession of the whole eastern coast of New Holland in the name of King George III, naming it New South Wales. The spot where he stood is today marked by a solid concrete monument.