Giglio Island - Italy

Giglio is a volcanic island of the Tuscan Archipelago between Livorno and Civitavecchia, opposite Mount Argentario, on the west coast of Italy. This granite island is still mostly wild and alternates cliffs with coves, bays and sandy beaches. Giglio Porto, on the east coast, is the only landing place. It is small but picturesque, with its multicoloured houses. The harbour, built by the Romans, remained untouched for centuries. Here you can see the Tower of Saraceno, built by Ferdinand I in 1596 and the ruins of an ancient reservoir can be seen just below the waterline. The reservoir was part of an extensive Roman Villa (I-II Century AD), which belonged to the family of Domizi Enobarbi and has during the centuries been incorporated into the more recent buildings. Giglio Castello is surrounded by medieval walls, comprising ten towers, and was originally built by the town of Pisa. Giglio Campese is more recent and has a large and attractive sandy beach. The charming bay has on its right the Faraglione (an imposing cliff) and on its left the Medici Tower. The latter, built between the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th centuries on a isolated cliff, is now linked to the land by a short bridge.