Terryglass - Ireland

Terryglass (Tír Dhá Ghlas in Irish) is a pretty village in North Tipperary, Ireland. The village is located on north-eastern shore of Lough Derg near where the River Shannon enters the Lough. A monastery (abbey) was founded here by Columba of Terryglass in 549. He was one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland. The monastery became a centre of learning and in 1160 produced the Book of Leinster, which is now housed in Trinity College Dublin. The Book is an important collection of history, tales and poems written in Middle Irish and is believed to be the work of Áed Ua Crimthainn, a 12th century Abbot of Terryglass. The Vikings frequently raided the Abbey and in 1164 the Abbey was burnt. A remaining wall from this Abbey can be seen at the back of Paddy's pub in the village.Terryglass has two historic wells, the Eye Well and the Headache Well, both of which are said to have curative properties. From here you can visit Leap Castle, reputed to be Ireland's most haunted house or to Galway, a lively University City and cultural centre for Irish speaking regions in Western Ireland.