Killaloe - Ireland

Killaloe is beautifully located on the Clare side of the River Shannon close to Lough Derg. An abbey was built here by Saint Lua in the 7th century on a small island nearby. The town has charming narrow streets, lined with old shops along the steep hill looking down over the St. Flannan's Cathedral, built between 1185 and 1225. Inside is the Thorgrim's Stone, a cross shaft displaying an unique bilingual inscription in Viking Runes and Ogham Script. This picture perfect town with its Victorian streets and old canal banks was once capital of all Ireland under Brian Boru. The Brian Boru Heritage Centre traces the life story of Irelands greatest King who united Ireland against the Vikings and defeated the invading Vikings at the Battle of Clontarf. The Exhibition also traces the history of the arrival of Christianity and the monastic tradition, as well as the development of the Shannon River as a transport system. From here you can also visit Graggaunowen Castle, whose grounds are home to a project designed to bring Bronze Age & Celtic culture to life. Also on display is a reconstructed hide boat used by Irish Monks to sail to North America in the 5th. Century.