Kangean Islands - Indonesia

The Kangean Islands of East Java, Indonesia are located in the Java Sea approximately 120 km (75 miles) north of Bali and 120 km east of Madura Island. The archipelago consists of three main islands surrounded by about 60 islets The largest island are Kangean, Paliat and Sepanjang. Among other islands in the group are Seridi Besar, Seridi Kecil, Sesiil, Setabo, Sapankur, and Memburit. The towns of Pabean and Arjasa, both on Kangean Island, are the area's largest population centres. The hills are covered with teak, and there are coconut plantations along the coast. The climate is hot and humid, with generally cloudy skies and heavy rainfall. There is little agriculture, but cattle are raised, and copra, fish, salt, and timber are exported. Trade is mainly with Bali, across the Bali Sea. Between Tembayang Bay Harbour and Sepanjang Island, a little island south east of Kangean Island, there is a natural mangrove inhabited by various animals - monkeys, komodos and snakes. There is also a marine park with corals and marine life.