Tezpur - India

Tezpur is situated on the on the north bank of the Brahmaputra River, in viewing distance of the foothills of the magnificent Eastern Himalayan Range. It lies 112 miles (180km) northeast of Guwahati. From here you can visit the scenic Nameri National Park. Literally translated as "City of Blood", this small but historical town has numerous temples, naamghars and other places of worship. Some of the more famous are Da Parbatiya, Maha Bhairab Mandir, Maithan and Ketakeshwar Dewal. Maha Bhairab Mandir is rumoured to host the second largest natural Shiva Linga in the world! Cole Park is, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful places in Tezpur. Established by a British Deputy Commissioner, Mr. Cole, the park has two massive ornamented stone pillars, and the sculptural remnants of the famous Bamuni Hills. Ancient Tezpur called Sonitpur in olden days is city of mythology, legend and past history. According to mythology the city (called Sonitpur in ancient times) was the capital of the kingdom of Banasur where fierce battle was fought between Banasur and Lord Krishna. Tezpur is also famous for its freedom fighters in 1942, against British rule.