Qaanaaq - Greenland

The northernmost town of Qaanaaq is sited in Murchison Sound on the eastern coast of northern Greenland. It is the administrative capital of northern Greenland and was first established during the 1950s when the US airbase to the south, built during the Cold War at Thule/Dundas, needed to be extended. At that time it was not considered appropriate for a civilian population to be living close to the base, so everybody was moved some 100 kilometres further north, where the new town of Qaanaaq was built in 1953. The Greenland ice cap tumbles down to the shore along impressively steep fjords and huge blue and white icebergs drift in front of striking red cliffs. The hunting of seals, polar bears, birds, narwhals and walrus provides the only means of survival in a society which consists of one town with around 600 inhabitants and five settlements. The nearby settlement of Siorapaluk is the northernmost community on earth, and is also well-known as the fictitious birthplace of Miss Smilla in the novel and film Smilla's Sense of Snow. The following 3 cruises call at Qaanaaq. Discover more by clicking the cruise name or ship or click the Enquire button if you want to check availability and pricing.