Alexandroupolis - Greece

Alexandroupolis is on the coast of Eastern Thrace, the northern part of Greece that borders with Turkey. There is a lively waterfront and the most prominent landmark is the large 19th century lighthouse. The Ecclesiatical Art Museum is worth a visit as is the Folkloric and Historical Museum showing life in the area. Nearby are the archaeological sites of Maroneia and Mesembria. Maroneia was founded on the slopes of Mount Ismaros in the seventh century BC and soon became a prosperous Hellenic city-state.The huge site includes remains of the ancient city walls, a theatre, third-century BC mosaics, and the city's famous Sanctuary of Dionysos. Mesembria, a Samothracian colony, dates from the same era and flourished in the fifth and fourth centuries BC. Among its important monuments are the Sanctuary of Demeter and Temple of Apollo, as well as the remains of walls, gates and private houses.