Torgau - Germany

Torgau is located in eastern Germany. It is a port on the River Elbe, northeast of Leipzig. The Hartenfels Castle was built between 1533 and 1623 and is now a museum. The Castle Church (Schlosskirche) was the first Protestant church to be built in 1543-44. Prisoners of war were held in the former Torgau fortress in World War II. A monument on the Elbe River near Torgau commemorates the first meeting between U.S. and Soviet troops during the closing days of World War II. First mentioned in 973, chartered in 1255, and after 1456, Torgau was a frequent residence of the electors of Saxony. In 1526 the Torgauer Bund, (a league of evangelical princes against the Roman Catholic princes), were formed there. During that period Martin Luther, the religious reformer, was active in the town, where he wrote the league's constitution (the Torgau Articles, 1530).