Green Island - Qld - Australia

Green Island, a coral cay, lies 17 miles (27km) northeast of Cairns and is a national park within the Great Barrier Reef. However the island is also home to a resort complex and offers facilities to eat, swim amd snorkel as well as Marineland Melanesia - crocodile farm, aquarium and museum. Green Island is home to 126 native plant species, a myriad of birdlife and surrounded by magnificent coral gardens. A true coral cay, Green Island is around 6000 years old and was formed by a build up of sand sediments, animal and coral deposits to above sea level. It is approx 37 acres in size and takes around 45 minutes to walk around. Lt James Cook first sighted Green Island on June 10, 1770. According to tradition, he named the Island after Charles Green the Chief Observer and Astronomer on his ship, the HMS Endeavour.