Villeneuve les Beziers - France

Villeneuve les Beziers is a village in the Languedoc of southern Francelocated on the Canal du Midi but only 4km from the Mediterranean. Villeneuve was founded in 778AD on land given by the Emperor Charlemagne. It was once called "the Villeneuve Cremade" because it was burned by the troops of Simon de Montfort and kept this name until 1631 when it took the name of Villeneuve-Les-Beziers. Saint Etienne's Church is Romanesque and was built in the 10th century. The Castle Tower is the remnant of the chateaux which was burned and rebuilt under Louis XIII after the religious wars of the sixteenth century. The Arcades, which can be seen on the avenue Andre Palmade, are the remains of an ancient aqueduct. while September 4 street, one can see two old porches that were originally the gates of the old priory.