Trevoux - France

Trevoux/Trevous on the River Saôneis an ideal place for an excursion into Beaujolais wine country. Before it joined France in 1762, Trevoux was the capital and home of the Dombes Parliament. Below the ruined castle, the old town was originally enclosed by the triangle of the city walls, with multi-storeyed houses clinging to the steep cliffs. In the 18th century, the members of Parliament built their town houses outside the walls - made from ochre yellow limestone and so it is called the "golden stone" area.Renovated in 1993, the castle dominates the Dombes plateau and the Saône valley, offering an outstanding view from the top of its octogonal keep. One of the 3 towers, the octagon tower, is built in the the byzantine-style with two strata of differently-coloured materials. You can also visit The Drawplates Museum. At the end of the 19th century- beginning of the 20th century, Trevoux produced most diamond drawplates used in the world. Today, two firms are still producing and a museum recalls this previously thriving industry.