Roquemaure - France

Roquemaure is on the right bank Rhone 9 miles (15km) fromf Avignon. It is overlooked by the ruins of a 12th century mediaeval fortress where Clement V, the first of the Avignonese popes, died in 1314. The enclosing wall, a circular tower and a high square tower are all that remain. Truel Priory incorporates a Romanesque style vault of the 12 and 13th century. In the 14th century Roquemaure was the most important port on this part of the Rhone. The landowners of Roquemaure produced wines of quality and introduced tight regulation, hence the origin of the name "Cotes du Rhone". In 1868 the villagers obtained the remains of St-Valentine, in order to protect the vineyard from phylloxera which had appeared for the first time in France. The church of Saint Jean-Baptiste and Saint Jean Evangeliste (14th century, Gothic) has a 17th century organ and houses the remains of St-Valentine.