Palea EpidaurosEurope SouthTemple of Asclepius, Epidauros sanctuary and theatre
ThessalonikiEurope SouthByzantine Churches, Old City Walls, Vergina excavations and Museum
PargaEurope SouthVenetian style village, Castle
MonemvasiaEurope SouthFortified medieval town, Byzantine Cathedral
MystrasEurope SouthByzantine and Venetian town, Fortress, Monasteries, Palaces
GalaxidhiEurope SouthDelphi, Moni Metamorfosis
PorosEurope SouthPicturesque harbour, hillside church bell
PrevezaEurope SouthCassope cliff top site, Ioannina historic city
CorinthEurope SouthAncient Corinth, Acropolis, Acrocorinth
OlympiaEurope SouthTemple of Zeus, Olympic stadium, Archaeological Museum
MycenaeEurope SouthAgamemnon's Palace
NafpaktosEurope SouthWalled town & Venetian Castle
AthensEurope SouthAcropolis, Parthenon, Theatre of Dionysos
Cape SounionEurope SouthSanctuary of Poseidon, Lavrio
LoutrakiEurope SouthSpa resort, Mycenae, Ancient Corinth
PylosEurope SouthNavarino Bay, Mycenaean Palace, Fortress of Neokastro, Olympia
PiraeusEurope SouthAthens, Acropolis, Parthenon
AlexandroupolisEurope SouthMaroneia and Mesembria sites
VolosEurope SouthMeteora, Pagasae and Demetrias.
IteaEurope SouthDelphi, Moni Osiou Louka
DelphiEurope SouthTemple of Apollo, Rotunda, Treasure of the Athenians
PatrasEurope SouthCathedral, Roman Odeon, ruined Castle, Olympia
LimeniEurope SouthMani region, Mavromichalis mansion, Aereopoli, Diros Caves
LavrionEurope SouthCape Sounion, Sanctuary of Poseidon
SyvotaEurope SouthPristine beaches
NauplionEurope SouthPalamidi Castle, Tiryns, Epidauros, Mycenae
KyparissiaEurope SouthTemple of Apollo Epikourios
NafplioEurope SouthPalamidi Castle, Tiryns, Epidauros, Mycenae
IgoumenitsaEurope SouthFerry port, Ruins
KalamataEurope SouthMessene, Mystras
Mount AthosEurope SouthAgion Oros, Ouranoupolis
KiatoEurope SouthMycenae, Corinth, Sikiona
Marina ZeaEurope SouthPiraeus, Athens, Acropolis, Parthenon
MethoniEurope SouthVenetian Fortress, Turkish bath ruins, Byzantine church
GythionEurope SouthMystras, Mani Peninsula
KavallaEurope SouthPhilippi remains, Panagia, the Imaret
Corinth CanalEurope SouthDramatic high walled passage
AndikiraEurope SouthDelphi, Monastery of Osios Loukas
KatakolonEurope SouthOlympia