Canada, Quebec

Ville SaguenayN AmericaSaguenay Valley, Dramatic scenery, Chicoutimi
KuujjuaqN AmericaInuit Community, Airport
Trois-RivièresN AmericaPoetry Capital of Quebec
Quebec CityN AmericaWalled City, Citadel, Château Frontenac, Churches
Havre-Saint-PierreN AmericaLimestone formations, seabirds
Magdalen IslandsN AmericaBeautiful seashore scenery, Cap-aux-Melules
Erics CoveN AmericaSeals, Tundra
Saguenay RiverN AmericaDramatic scenery
Diana IslandN AmericaBirdlife, Reindeer, Seals, Tundra
Bonaventure IslandN America
Port MenierN AmericaAnticosti Island, untamed wilderness
Sept-IlesN AmericaMoise River, whale watching,
Baie des Ha! Ha!N AmericaLa Baie, Chicotoumi, Dramatic scenery
MontrealN AmericaCity architecture, Place d'Armes, Old Montreal
Gaspe PeninsulaN AmericaSalmon rivers, Forillon Park
La BaieN AmericaSaguenay Valley, Dramatic scenery
St Lawrence RiverN AmericaGreat Lakes to the Atlantic
TadoussacN AmericaWhale watching, walking trails
SaguenayN AmericaSaguenay Valley, Dramatic scenery, Chicoutimi
PerceN AmericaIle Bonaventure, Percé Rock, Forillon National Park
Baie ComeauN AmericaHeritage district, Parc Boréal, Dams
GaspeN AmericaMusée de la Gaspésie, Forillon National Park
Mingan IslandsN AmericaMingan Archipelago National Park, Limestone formations, seabirds
MataneN AmericaJardins de Métis